TRI ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED is Pioneer of RHS(Robot Hemming System). To the world from AICHI.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name TRI engineering company limited
address 2-601,Hanasakidai,Moriyama-ku,Nagoya 463-0808,JAPANACCESS MAP
Establishment 1974/2/1
Capital 95million yen
Representative Chairmen Masayuki HONDA
President Seiji KATAYAMA
Sales amount 1,018million yen (40th term Apr-2012 to Mar-2013)
Enployees 30 people (As of Jun-2013) include 3 people in CHINA.
Main banks Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Fujigaoka branch
Seto Trust Bank, Ohmori branch

Main products

Robot hemming system【RHS】(Patent acquired)
Robot polishing system 【RPS】(Patent acquired)
Automotive production equipment and jigs.
Various specialized machines and equipment


Feb.1974 Established for Machine design & engineering business in Minamihishino, Seto City.
Founder and the president : Masumi Sawa
Feb.1974 Built new head office & plant in Takane, Seto City
May.1985 Began the development of Robot hemming system.
Aug.1988 Built new head office & plant in Moriyama, Nagoya City and moved.
Feb.1991 Manufacturing and sales launch of concrete edge face polishing apparatus for testing samples.
Apr.1992 Began the development of robot polishing system.
Oct.1992 Delivered the the first robot hemming system to Toyota Motor.
May.1993 Announcement of the basic patent for robot hemming system.
May.1997 Delivered the first robot polishing system to Aisin fine machinery co.,ltd.
Feb.2002 Business tie-up with Kyoei Engineering through M&A.
Assigned Masahiro Harada as the president.
Mar.2005 Started its operation at No.2 plant.
Mar.2005 Assigned Nobuyuki Iwai as the president.
Nov.2006 A total delivery of 100 units of robot hemming system was achieved
Oct.2008 Started construction of new head office & main plant
Mar.2009 Completed and moved to the new head office & main plant in Hanasakidai, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya City.
Mar.2010 Assigned Seiji Katayama as the president.