TRI ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED is Pioneer of RHS(Robot Hemming System). To the world from AICHI.

Squeeeeeeeeze! Than Shar!Improve only one Technique.Raise a next Technology.We are looking to the world and the future form the RHSTRI ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED
  • Robot Hemming System

    We introduce our RHS

    • ・Special feature of RHS
    • ・History of RHS
    • ・Special feature of TRI's RHS
    • ・Standard model of RHS
    • RobotHemmingSystem
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  • TRI's Motive force

    I interviewed our each of the various divisions experts.

    • ・TRI's Motive force
    • ・TRI's Sales strengths
    • ・TRI's Design draftings
    • ・TRI's Technological strengths
    • TRI's Motive force
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  • Number of TRI

    TRI's attractions and mystery Numbers.


    What is there mysterious numbers. Please check it out.

    • Number of TRI
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  • Careers

    We looking for the who can be livened up our company! (Designer/Engineer/Sales)

    TRI Engineering looking for the new comers. A person to absorb yourself in manufacturing, who want to Change the world with technology, to fulfill your wishs with us.
    ・Open positions.

    • Careers
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Squeeeeeeeeze!Than Shar! This is a technology of RHS

TRI RHS is abbreciation of Robot Hemming System. RHS is generic name of our developed roller hemming system.

When you make a folding paper it is using a finger. It is same as dending a Iron plate.

Using a robot with attached roller and then roller bending an iron plate like a folding paper is not a large press bending with large power. It is technology of robot movement same as proficiency skill.

We have an original patent and technology. Not just all Japanese vehicle makers oversea vehicle makers and not vehicle makers choosing our RHS.

Squeeeeeeeeze!Than Shar! This is a technology of RHS

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